About Us

Coeur Mexicain is a Canadian enterprise with a Mexican spirit, incorporated in Montreal Canada.

Created in August 2020, with the main objective of being a link between Canadian and Mexican society, through the creation of unique moments and experiences for our clients, through the most representative elements of Mexican and Canadian culture such as our artisans, activities and most emblematic places in Mexico to mention a few. We believe in the power of culture to bring people together, break down borders and create bridges of friendship and cooperation.

ÄMATE 47 by Coeur Mexicain

Thus, in December 2020, we started our division ÄMATE 47 (link in word) with the aim of creating something unique, that generates a memory for life, and that is how we decided, together with a group of three artisans, to create and make unique handmade silver jewelry, made by Mexican artisans from the Municipality of Taxco de Alarcón, known worldwide for being the silver capital.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and handcrafted by our Mexican artisan women, we offer our clients the experience of having something unique and of great value in every sense.


ÄMATE MOMENTS by Coeur Mexicain

In January 2024, knowing that our jewelry, in addition to being unique, is a tangible expression of love and the moments we treasure in life, we decided not only to offer unique, quality jewelry that lasts a lifetime, but also to create moments and experiences that generate unforgettable memories.

ÄMATE MOMENTS by Coeur Mexicain, was born from the need to be able to create something different and unique through experiences, that is why we create personalized moments and experiences for our clients, through love, implementing elements of Mexican culture, to create lifelong memories.



Is a word used by the Otomí culture (Mexican pre-Hispanic culture) to define LOVE, which is our essence of inspiration and existence to create personalized experiences and moments that culminate in lifelong memories.

J’AIME: I LOVE (French)
ENDËK: I LOVE YOU (Chichimeco)


“I want to put Mexico in the eyes of the whole world, because I feel very proud to be Mexican and I want everyone to know the roots and what gives identity to my wonderful country, always having our women as our main partner.” indigenous artisans of Mexico, who are and will be the means through which Ämate by Coeur Mexicain will fulfill its mission of existence.  JAIME ESPINOLA CEO Founder


We show the art, work, passion and love that our artisans put into each activity they carry out, since unfortunately there are fewer and fewer people who dedicate themselves to this activity, we strengthen it and keep it alive, as it is something that gives identity to Mexico, on the other hand, is committed to supporting our group of artisans to promote and sell their creations in Canada through fair trade and consequently improve their quality of life, with the aim of eradicating the discrimination, mistreatment and inequality that they have lived.

We are an agent of social change, dedicated to creating meaningful moments that create lifelong memories. We offer unique and memorable experiences that transcend the ordinary, allowing people to connect with each other and their environment in a deep and meaningful way. Whether through special events, adventure activities or personalized trips, we are committed to creating moments that last in our clients; memories and bring them joy and lasting satisfaction. But the impact goes beyond creating memories, we also collaborate with local entrepreneurs and small businesses in Montréal, creating opportunities for economic growth.

We are much more than a creator of experiences, we are agents of social change, promoters of entrepreneurship, defenders of love and human connection.

We are committed to creating unforgettable moments, supporting our business and craft community by promoting the importance of physical coexistence in an
increasingly digitalized world.

We create lasting memories for our clients through personalized  moments and experiences in Mexico and Montreal… for the moment